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The Benefits of Hydroseeding

*Please note, we do our best to refrain from taking our trucks onto your driveway or lawn areas when we hydroseed. By hiring us, you are giving us permission to utilize yours or your clients driveway or existing lawn, if necessary, if a portion of your project requires the truck to do so.  While it's rare that we need to travel past the curb, we are not responsible for any lawn or driveway damage once we have been hired by you, or your contractor, and need to utilize any of these areas to complete the job. 

Hydroseed & Erosion Control Applications & Service Area

-Germination in less than 2 weeks, full results in about a month!

-Significantly less expensive than sod.

-Much more effective than hand seeding.

-Fertilizer & nutrients are mixed in directly with the Hydroseed.

-Absorbs moisture like a sponge when watered, giving the seed the ideal environment grow in. ​

-We use a custom blend of Fescue, Rye & Kentucky Bluegrass for most residential applications which promotes rapid germination & a deep root system. We have a specific blend we use for shady areas.

-We can mix any seed blends at your request, or help you come up with the ideal blend for your application. 

-Hydroseeding provides a lush, emerald green, drought tolerant lawn grown from the root up.  This allows the root system to grow deep into the ground, making for a durable, long lasting lawn.

-Hydroseed is safe & non-toxic to us, our pets & the environment.
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